Kilimanjaro Packing list

Our top-quality equipment features high performance tents and gear, and our highly-qualified team is dedicated, friendly and always ready and happy to help. With our guidance and expertise, you will have the safest and most enjoyable trekking experience imaginable.

Travel Documents

  • Valid passport
  • Yellow fever vaccination records/ certificate.
  • Tanzania visa, available at airport upon arrival, USD $100 payable in cash only for US citizens and USD $50 for residents of UK/European Union and most other countries.
  • Copy of flight itinerary.
  • Copy of travel and/or medical evacuation insurance.
  • Personal medical/dental insurance cards.
  • Credit card (Visa and MasterCard are most widely accepted).

                                                                               Necessary Mount Gears to Pack

Mountain Climbing Shoes:-

Pair of Trainers or Snickers, pair of waterproof Trekking Boots (alpine treks)

Note: You can either bring yours or rent from us.

Mountain Climbing Wear :-

Four Trekking Socks, 3-4  Thermal Undergarments, 4 Thermal T Shirts Underwear, 2 Top Thermal, Tshirt outer wear, 1  Fleece Sweater, 1  Ski Mask, Balaclava, 1  Sun Hat, 1  Sunglasses UV protection, 1 Warm gloves thin, 1 Warm gloves thick (for summit Day), 1 Rain Trouser, 1 Rain Jacket,2 Warm Trousers and 1 WInter Jacket (windstopper summit).

Note: You can either bring yours or rent from us.

Gear on the Mountain:-

One Day Pack water proof, 1 Water System 3lt or water bottle 3lts, 1 Thermos Flask, 1 Hiking Poles one pair, 1 Gaiters ( for rocks and pebbles), 1 Sleeping Bag -10 C to -15 C, 1 Head torch + Spare batteries, 1 Waterproof rack sack (clothes) and 1 Poncho.

Note: Choose to bring your own gears or simply rent them from us.

Personal Hygiene Items we recommend to take them with you.

Shampoo, Soap, Tooth Paste, Tooth brush and Outdoor toiletry bag

Additional Nutrition on the Mountain

 Power Bars ( 1 - 2 per day), Chocolate and Candy, Glucose tablets

Useful Medication To Have

Micropur water purification, Altitude sickness pills if advised by your physician, Antiseptic cream, Glucose, Sunscreen lotion and Anti-Malaria pills

Mountain Equipment Rental Price

1. Mountain Boots Per Trip $45                       2. Pair Thisck Socks Per Trip $5

3. Balaclava Per Trip $5                                   4. Hiking Poles Per Trip $20

5.Warm Jacket Per Trip $35                            6. Warm Trousers Per Trip $15

7.Rain Jacket Per Trip $25                              8. Rain Trousers Per Trip $15

9. Sleeping Bag Per Trip $50                          10. Sun Glasses (GOOGLES) Per Trip $10

11. Day Pack Per Trip $20                              12.Gaiters Per Trip  $15

13. Head Torch Per Trip $10                           14. Warm Gloves Per Trip $10

15. Duffle Bag Per Trip $20                             16. Water Bottle Per Trip $10

17. Sweater Per Trip $10                                 18.Poncho Per Trip $15

19. Winter Jacket Per Trip $35                        20.Decompression Box Per Trip   $210

21. Oxygen Tank Per Trip  $100                      22. Rack Sack Per Trip $35

23. Extra Mattress Per Trip $20                       24. Portable Toilet Per Trip $180