Tanzania Group Safari

A safari or mountain trekking tour are both life time experiences which are sometimes even more fascinating when they are shared with people who have the same interests.

If you are alone or a couple and you look for some people to join a group, don’t worry.Our groups are up to seven people to guarantee a seat for game viewing for every participant and we arrange this kind of group tours regularly. They will definitely take place if the group size is at least two people.

Small group safaris are a fantastic way to travel if you are planning to discover Tanzania as a solo traveller, to keep the costs down, or just to meet other like-minded travellers. Small group safaris aren’t too common in Tanzania as we generally create our trips from scratch to the requirements of our clients, however we have hand-picked a small selection of group trips for those who prefer to travel in a small group, want excellent wildlife viewing or climbing the mountain and good value for money.

If you are interested in joining a small group safari or mountain trekking contact us for details and dates of other trips running this year.

Join a group, you can Book Online or Contact us at info@joicatours.com!